The Great



What do you fancy at The Great Escape? Let's build a group wishlist to share tips!

! WISHLIST only works on newer browsers. If you can't see the table of bands below, please update your browser/ OS or try viewing on another device.

Share with friends and add your TGE tips to the list below, or 'vote' for what's already been suggested. Those with most votes might be worth a listen!

You can remove anything you add by mistake, though please don't be a music snob remove others' entries that you disapprove of!

This list maker is a sample copy of the one I created for myself and friends. Feel free to try it out or remix it in Glitch and start your own wishlist!

I'm learning to code so built this for practice. It ain't perfect so let me know what needs fixing... and if you can help me, even better :)